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Please Contact us for Pricing

Due to construction not being a one size fits all, our prices vary from project to project depending on many variables. The best way to get pricing is to visit our Contact page and fill out any information possible, or give us a call monday - friday 8 am-5 pm.
(always leave a message, many times we are with clients or just too busy to get to the phone)


DRDESIGNS provides complete construction documents for new residential homes. Our designs start with you, your dreams and ideas come to life as we design the perfect house to fit your needs.


Have a floor plan that you already like? no problem, DRDESIGNS can use existing floor plans and redesign them to fit your needs.

New Construction


DRDESIGNS can make adding an extra room or three a breeze. Additions are one of the most common construction types, ranging from adding a master bedroom and bath to adding a whole new level above the existing home. If you can dream it, we can Draw it.

Cant come up with ideas on your own? no problem, DRDESIGNS can create a multitude of options, based on your existing layout, as to what can be added to the structure.


House Plan

Do you have an existing structure that was built without permits? DRDESIGNS can make as-built drawings to legalize existing structures or additions. Keep in mind, you will need to update the structure per current codes, this could mean some changes to make it legal.


Modern Design Bathroom


DRDESIGNS balances remodels based on the clients needs, structural allowance, and budget constraints. We do everything from a single bathroom to multiple room changes.

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